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4 Moving Supplies You Need to Pull Off a Stress-Free Move

moving supplies for a stress-free move

Moving into a new home and apartment is equal parts exhilaration and stress. There’s excitement in turning a new page and making a new space home…but planning and executing a move can also fray nerves and send anxiety soaring.

The key to pulling off a move that is low on stress and high on exhilaration is making sure you are properly prepared…and one of the best ways to do that is by making sure you have all the essential moving supplies at your fingertips.

As one of Sydney’s most trusted storage companies, we know a thing or two about which items are most important to have on hand. And that’s why we’re sharing this list with 4 of our favorite moving supplies that will increase the ease with which you move.

1. The right cardboard boxes.

We’ve made this our number one because it is the area where most people try to cut corners. Be honest…how many times have you trolled the dumpsters at your local grocery store looking for boxes? Or picked up ragged boxes from friends and family that have been used countless times before?

The problem with these boxes is they either weren’t designed to be used for moving, or they’ve been used dozens of times and are riddled with weak points that may tear or break down during your move.

If your budget will allow, purchase brand-new boxes from a moving supply company. These boxes are specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear that occurs during a move.  Specialty boxes are available for dishes, glassware, and electronics like televisions and computer monitors that are extra thick and durable…ensuring your fragile items make the move intact.

If you cannot swing new boxes, avoid the grocery store option and stick with boxes from people you know. If possible, limit yourself to accepting boxes that have only been for a single move previously as they are more likely to get your belongings to their new destination without breaking down.

2. Padding

We are a big fan of having both bubble wrap and packing paper on hand, as each serves its own purpose.

Bubble wrap is great for wrapping around delicate or fragile items, especially those of a larger or unusual size. Keep in mind that it comes in various sizes—the smaller bubbles are perfect for protecting plates, glasses, and smaller items while the larger size is good for protecting bigger items like sculpture and artwork.

Packing paper can also be found at your local moving supply store or online and works well for wrapping less fragile items. It’s also good for filling up empty spaces in boxes to prevent the box from collapsing.

Some people try to save money by using newspaper in place of packing paper. While it can get the job done, it is important to remember to double up on the paper when you wrap (newspaper is much thinner than packing paper). And watch out for ink transfer—the ink from newspaper print has been known to bleed onto fabrics and even some dishware, so use with caution.

Here’s a tip from the pros: Pass on the packing peanuts. They are only marginally effective at padding boxes…but they are excellent at creating a mess.

3. Quality Packing Tape

We’ve found that the cost of packing tape is directly proportional to its stickiness, so we advise clients to choose the highest quality packing tape they can afford. And we always recommend reinforcing the bottoms of boxes by applying 2-3 strips of tape all the way across the bottom of the box (in both directions) in addition to taping the seams.

4. Labeling Materials

A good marker is a minimum when it comes to labeling. You’ll also benefit from using a labeling system as it makes it easier on your movers. The idea is that boxes going to a particular room or area of the new home get the same-colored label (red for the kitchen, yellow for the master bedroom, etc). As you pack up a room, you place a colored label on each box. On moving day, you place the same-colored sticker near the doorway of each room so movers know exactly where each box goes.

You can get as fancy or simple with this as you like. Most big-box stores carry colored dot stickers, or you can order color-coded moving labels like these.

If you are planning a move and looking for a place to store your boxes before or after the big day, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway Storage. We’ll offer you a custom quote for a unit that will keep your belongings safe and secure until you’re ready to move them into your new home.

Store your stuff the right way…with Holloway.

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