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6 Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Packing fragile items

storage unit is meant to give space, convenience, and security. You should be able to feel the benefits that accrue from having space within your storage facility. There are numerous ways that you can improvise to utilize the unit in the most efficient and yet effective way.

Among them is keeping the unit well organized, since it can save you time when looking for specific items within the unit. Organizing will also save you time when moving items in or out of the facility.

Packing fragile items

What else can you do to get the most out of the space that you have rented?

  1. Frequently Used Items Comes at the Front.

You should store the most frequently used items at the front of the storage unit. Thus, the back of the unit should be used for storing the less frequently items. The move helps you readily access the things that you mostly use.

  1. Stack Boxes along the Sides of the Room.

If you are storing a huge amount of your belongings or stock, you are most likely going to get a room in the facility. The best way to make the room and items easily accessible is by stacking the boxes along the sides, such that to leave a walking space in the middle.

  1. Label Boxes on All Sides.

The labels should be legible enough to be read and clear enough not to be misinterpreted. The best labeling trick is by doing it on all the six sides of the boxes. You will circumvent the need of finding through every box when finding what you need.

  1. Separate Items With Sections.

Keeping items separately into sections will help you identify a specific type of your belongings more easily. The move will also help you keep more fragile items together and less fragile items in that order. For example, if you are storing household items, you can keep living room items together, kitchen items together, and so on.

  1. Make A List Of Items In Every Box.

I understand that this can be somewhat tasking. However, making a list of items that you have stored in every box can save you a lot of time when finding a specific item and not the specific box. You can also record where the box is located in the storage unit.

  1. Use Different Box Labeling Colors For Shared Storage.

You might be sharing a storage unit with your neighbor, friend, or relative. The best way to help you differentiate your items is by using boxes with different labeling colors. You will manage to easily distinguish between your kitchen items and your brother’s kitchen items when the labels are in blue and red respectively.

There are many other tricks and tips on how to make the most out of your storage unit. Remember to stack heavy boxes at the bottom and light boxes at the top. The move will prevent the lighter boxes from crashing and also make access to the boxes much easier.

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