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7 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Space for an Airbnb Rental

prepare your space for an Airbnb rental

You’ve finally done it—you’ve decided to rent out a space in your home or a bit of rental property as an Airbnb rental. It’s certainly easy to understand why. Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has turned the hospitality industry on its ear and changed the way the world travels.

It’s also a pretty good way to make extra money. On average, hosts in Sydney earn just over $3,000 a month…not too shabby by any standard. But prepping your property to serve Airbnb guests requires a bit of forethought and effort. That’s why we’ve created this list with 7 of our top recommendations for getting your space rental ready.

1. Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re wondering whether this tip is deserving of the number one spot on our list, the answer is yes (and that will become clearer as we move through our list). You’re going to need a safe space to store all the stuff we’re about to mention, so do yourself a favor and find a quality storage facility that will keep your things safe and secure until you’re ready to have them back.

2. Get Rid of Personal Items

Your family photos are lovely…but guests don’t want to feel like they’re staying in your home. They want to feel as if they’re staying at their own getaway property. So, take the time to remove personal belongings from the space. Move the photos to your part of the home and the same goes for treasured family antiques, jewelry, and anything else of value. If you don’t have space for them where you live, you’ll be glad you reserved that storage unit we recommended earlier.

3. Update Door Locks

Now is the perfect time to upgrade the security on your Airbnb door(s) by having a keyless entry system installed. This is a game changer on so many levels! It keeps you from having to replace the keys guests will inevitably lose or take home with them, and it lets you know exactly when they enter and exit the property.

Best of all, you no longer need to worry about changing locks. Each guest is given a unique key code to use during their stay. Once they are gone, you can simply inactivate their code and reactivate a new one for the next guests.

4. Clear the Closets (Dressers, Too!)

When it comes to traveling, there are two kinds of people—those who prefer to live out of their bags…and those who unpack everything. This tip is for the latter.

Guests want to have plenty of closet and drawer space, and nothing makes them feel less welcomed than having to squeeze their hanging clothes into a stuffed closet or search for an available dresser drawer.

Make sure to clear at least one dresser and closet out in each room where guests will stay. And if you’re wondering where all that extra stuff will go…you guessed, into your storage unit.

5. Arrange the Space Thoughtfully

Even if your rental space doesn’t have a kitchen, you should carve out a spot where guests can enjoy a meal together. Create a dining nook if your Airbnb doesn’t have a formal dining room. You never know when guests will come home with take-out, and it’s better for any spills to happen over a table instead of your couch.

The same goes with the living and sleeping area (even if your rental is a single room). You should arrange sitting and sleeping spaces that are conducive to their purpose with room to easily navigate from one area to the next. This may mean paring down the furniture in the room and getting rid of extraneous coffee and side tables.

Thank goodness you have a storage unit at your disposal.

6. Offer Wi-Fi

It’s practically a given now that any Airbnb you rent will have free Wi-Fi available, and not offering it could impact your income. Be a good host and offer your guests Wi-Fi access. You’ll also earn bonus points if you make a smart TV available…and bonus points if that TV is set up with streaming services (seriously, be sure to advertise these perks in your property description).

7. Don’t Forget About the Exterior

There’s no doubt that the look and flow of the space itself are important…but so is the exterior. The outside of your property is the first thing guests will see when they arrive, and you want it to inspire anticipation rather than dread.

Spruce up the front of your property as if you were putting it on the market to sell (or if Grandma was coming to visit). Mow the lawn, rake up leaves, sweep the walk, and add a fresh pot of flowers.

And there you have it—seven ways you can turn your extra space into Airbnb perfection. Here’s to new adventures and making a little extra cash while you’re at it!

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