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Holloway Mobile Self Storage Sydney prides itself on it’s expert team of staff dedicated to helping you and keeping your belongings safe. Fully trained, the team at Holloways Storage Sydney can move heavy and fragile items for you and pack them into your unit with tetris like precision, ensuring they are secured, safe and will not be damaged during transport.

Our friendly moving blokes have the brains as well as brawn, not only are the capable of lifting your heavy items, they can carefully maneuver them out of your home or office. Whether we’re moving basic furniture, family heirlooms, pianos and fragile vases, our team are experts in moving items that can be easily damaged.

When stored in one of our state-of-the art storage units, the same level of care and safety of your belongings applies. Packed by experts, and using the latest top of the range storage units, your items will not fall while in transport or stationary. Your storage will always be free of damage caused by mould or damp.

Simply the best

The best units in the business

Venturing away from traditional concrete and metal storage boxes, Holloway Mobile Self Storage Sydney uses the latest breathable, timber plywood storage modules. Concrete and heavy metal storage units used by the majority of mobile storage companies, seal your belongings in with no ventilation.

An airtight environment can subject your belongings to damage caused by mould and damp which can be difficult, and sometimes impossible to clean and get rid off. By using breathable plywood storage units we avoid this risk. Air flow into your storage units means that your belongings will be well preserved and protected.

If you’re worried about you items being damaged by the weather while in transport then don’t worry! We cover all over our mobile storage units with a highly durable, well sealed waterproof cover, ensuring your belongings are protected at every stage of your move.

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  • Water Proof Cover

    Our highly durable waterproof mobile storage unit covers will protect your belongings from the elements when transporting your item to a secure storage facility.

  • Latest Security Systems

    Our mobile storage units are individually lockable ensuring that no one can access your belongings while stored in our secure facility with 24/7 CCTV and on-site security personnel.

  • Sturdy Structure

    The structure of our storage units are extremely sturdy so you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe within their walls while in transit and stationary storage.

  • Modern Green Materials

    Featuring lightweight, breathable structures, our wooden storage units are made from natural materials which can be reused and recycled for future use.

Unpacking | Holloway Mobile Self Storage

Pack your gear 


  • If you are packing your boxes for storage yourself make sure you use items such as blankets, bubble wrap and furniture covering to protect your items.
  • When packing your storage unit place the heavier items at the bottom of your unit to ensure the weight does not damage and crush lighter, fragile items.
Packing Tips