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Creative Storage Spaces For Your Bathroom

bathroom toilet storage

The bathroom is both a useful room and a place to relax and let go of the many cares of the day. All people need to keep lots of items on hand when using the bathroom. This includes paper, soap, towels, bath toys and hygiene products. Keeping everything in place at all times is a good way to make sure the bathroom is in good shape. That requires a lot of Bathroom Storage. It’s easy to find additional storage in any bathroom with these creative spaces.

In the shower

Your shower is one area that hold items for Bathroom Storage. Place a storage hanger along one edge of the shower. This a good place to keep items like your favourite shampoos and soaps. A large holder allows every member of the family to have easy access to their own personal toiletries. Think about designating a shelf for each member of the household. A teen can have her own separate space for her personal skincare products. Little kids can have their own space for items that won’t get in their eyes. Adults can keep items for their own use as well.

Shower storage rack

Under the tub

The tub can also serve as a place to keep things. This is one area that can be opened up and used for Bathroom Storage. A tub is one area that can look good and yet make it possible for people to use all the space in it. Modern designs often have sides that pull out while the plumbing remains intact. A tub with storage is ideal for those who may only have a small apartment and need to make the most of it. The tub can also be used in this way for those who need to have lots of space for their families.

bathtub storage solutions

On top of the toilet

The area on top of the toilet is a space that might otherwise be overlooked. The space here can be used for a great many things. If you have a bathroom that has very high ceilings, using this space can help you make the most of it. This makes a really good area to put items like towels that may not take up a lot of space but are still needed in any bathroom for it to be of use. Keeping a few rolls of toilet paper on top of shelving is another way to keep the bathroom truly functional.

bathroom toilet storage

Next to the window

Many bathrooms have at least one window. This a good place to keep items like plants that can add colour and light to the room. A few plants also help make the room feel like you’re sitting outdoors in the sunlight on a bright day. Think about using the window’s curtains. Create a pocket in the curtains. You can keep lots of different items in the pocket like toothbrushes that don’t require a lot of maintenance. This a good choice for fun items like bath toys that your kids love to play with.

window storage rack

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