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How to calculate the storage space you need and its price

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If you decided to rent a self-storage unit, or mobile unit, your next step is estimating how much space you’ll be needing. That way, you’ll be able to get a fair estimate on the price and how many units to plan for.

Here’s a quick how-to when it comes to estimating the space you will need and the resources available to you. Don’t worry, you’ll see that it’s absolutely easy!

How much space do I need to rent?

Of course, to know that the first step is to plan ahead. Grab a pen and a paper, or simply open a note app on your phone, and start recording everything you need to store and for how long. Make sure to keep the list organized and you might want to divide the list by room to make the process easier (you’ll understand why a bit later). Your list should look something like that:

  • Kitchen
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Livingroom
  • Dining table
  • Chairs (x4)
  • Coffee table

Once your list is done and everything is jotted down, you should start seeing roughly how many units you might need. But because every storage is different, let’s head onto the next step.


Use an online calculator

Now that’s where the easy part begins: Simply head over to our online calculator to estimate how many modules and how much space you’ll need!

Now that you have the items listed for each room, you can easily see how many units you might need. One unit is 10m3, meaning you can usually fit about 1 to 2 rooms there. Because some people might have more appliances than others (hello foodies or baking enthusiasts!) they might actually need more space.


How can I make sure I’m booking the right amount of self-storage space?

Now you might still be unsure of your calculations. It’s pretty hard to imagine how many furnitures you can stack in a single unit and you might have oddly-shaped belongings or fragile ones. Still, don’t worry! You just have to call our experts at 1300 792 578 to get all your questions answered. If you’re reading this post after hours, no worries, you can send us a message anytime and we will get back to you by phone or email 24H after your inquiry!


Book a mobile storage unit with the best storage team of Sydney

Finally, you might want to make the whole process stress-free on your part with a whole dedicated and experienced team. With other storage companies, you might need to either bring your furniture by yourself (meaning you’ll have to rent a truck and drive it yourself) or load the self-storage unit. Again, that can create unnecessary stress on your part, especially if you’re unsure about driving a big truck by yourself or loading heavy things alone. 


That’s why Holloway Storage is the best removal and storage expert in Sydney! We make sure to offer you the most hassle-free experience by bringing the unit to YOUR place, loading your belongings, offering a wrapping service and bringing it all back to you whenever you need it. And of course, this is all optional and flexible depending on your needs.



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