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What Can And Cannot Be Stored Inside Your Self Storage Unit

Storing in Storage Unit

Utilizing a self storage unit is wonderful in terms of saving space in either your home or business. This provides you with a place to store items whenever you’re either moving to a new location, you need a place to put season items such as holiday decorations, or you’re or taking part in some sort of renovation project and you simply need a place to store everyday items until the project has been completed.


While most items can be stored inside these units, there are some that are actually prohibited. Furthermore, there are others that require an adequate amount of preparation in advance, as well as a special environment that is completely climate-controlled.



Here are some examples of items that can be stored inside a self storage unit:


  • Seasonal items
  • Items that are used on a semi-regular basis, such as clothing
  • Toys, books, and CDs
  • Silverware/dishes
  • Vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.
  • Commercial supplies
  • Computers/television sets
  • Mattresses and other various types of furniture pieces
  • Lawnmowers/leaf blowers


As previously mentioned, there are also items that cannot be stored in self storage units. These include the following:


  • Anything that is either flammable or combustible
  • Any perishable food items
  • Living animals
  • Any substances that are either hazardous, toxic, or illegal in nature


There are other considerations that you need to keep in mind regarding your self storage unit as well. For instance, when it comes to storing any type of equipment that requires gasoline or any other type of fluid, be sure that the equipment has been fully drained of the fluid beforehand.


In regards to appliances, these must be completely cleaned and dried out on the inside before they can be stored. If, at any time, you are unsure about storing a particular item, don’t hesitate to speak with a professional at your self storage facility, as they will be able to provide you with all of the proper guidance that you will require.

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