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Common Self Storage Mistakes People Make

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When a big move is around the corner, all you want is to ensure everything is organized before moving.  Getting a reliable moving company eases the moving process since you are assured of the safety of your belongings. But what will happen to the items that you don’t want to move with?

A good solution is storing the unwanted items in a storage facility. Visit our homepage for more information. A self-storage unit is an affordable and safe way to take care of the items you may not move with, or items you want to keep aside when downsizing and you are not ready to sell, give, or throw them away.

Even if you choose to keep some of your belongings in a storage facility, you still need to ensure their security. However, most people make some storage mistakes that end up damaging their items. Here are some of the most common storage mistakes people make, and they should be avoided:

Going for the Wrong Storage Unit

In most instances, people tend to choose a rather too big unit while others choose a rather too small unit. You should calculate the amount of space you require for your belongings.

Choosing a really small unit results in excessively stuffing your items, and this will damage them. On the contrary, a too big unit will leave a lot of unused space and this will be uneconomical.

If need be, you may consult with your storage service provider on the best size as per the size and number of your items.

Trying to Save Money on Important Features

If you are to store valuable items and those sensitive to harsh weather elements, you should choose a secure storage facility with a climate controlled mechanism or breathable material.

It may be more expensive to go for a self storage unit with video surveillance and other security systems, climate control, proper breatable wood, and proper lighting among other features, but this will be for your benefit.

Foregoing such features with the aim of trying to save money is a common mistake that should be avoided.

Failure to Do a Background Research

Many people fail to do a background research on a storage company. Entrusting your items to a storage facility requires you to find out whether you are dealing with a professional and trustworthy storage service provider.

You should check previous reviews and ratings before choosing a storage company to ensure you go for the best. You can also get testimonials from friends and workmates.

Packing Boxes Carelessly

Most people fail to pack their boxes in an organized manner. You should ensure you sort your items well and mark each box as per its content while packing for storage. Fragile items should be packed carefully using special boxes.

Other storage mistakes you need to avoid include:

Avoiding these mistakes when using a self storage unit, will ensure that your items are safe and free from damage. Always plan in advance and organize your storage unit properly.

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