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7 Tips from Your Favorite Sydney Storage Experts for Taking the Next Step: How to Successfully Move in With Your Significant Other

how to successfully move in with your significant other

Moving in with a spouse or partner is an exciting time and a wonderful way to grow closer in your relationship. But there are logistical questions—things like, “Whose couch are we going to keep?” and “How space in the closets will I have to give up?”—that can cause unnecessary stress on a couple as they try to figure out how to combine the contents of two homes into one.

And that’s why, as one of Sydney’s top-rated storage facilities, we wanted to share 7 of our favorite tips on how to move in with your significant other…without ruining your relationship.

1. Communication is Key

As is the case with any good relationship, how well you communicate with your partner (and soon-to-be roommate) is going to have a direct impact on how easily you transition into a shared space.

Be open and honest about any fears or worries you have. Work together to come up with a move-in timeline that works for both of you. And, above all else, make a concerted effort to really listen when your partner shares their feelings about the upcoming move with you.

2. Inventory What You Both Have

Odds are high that you and your partner will have duplicate items, from dishes and housewares to furniture items. Take time to go through what you each have and to compare similar items to see which will move with you and which can be sold or donated.

3. You Should Each Be Prepared to Let Some Things Go

Compromise is a big part of successfully living with your significant other and figuring out what items to keep and which things to get rid of is a great place to start. It should go without saying that neither of you will get to keep all of your things, so let those items that matter less go into the donation or garage sale piles. If either of you has something of sentimental value that you really want to keep, share that information with one another. Once again, communicating openly and honestly is going to be your best friend as you go through the hard work of paring down your belongings.

4. Consider Purchasing Large Items Together

To help shift your shared space from “mine” or “theirs” to “ours”, consider selling some large items and then purchasing new pieces together. If you each sell your sofas, for example, you may be able to combine the profits and purchase a new couch for your shared home. Not only does this make your space feel like it belongs to both of you, but it also serves as a bonding experience. And don’t limit this idea to the living area…you could do the same thing with dining or bedroom furniture.

5. Find a Style You Both Love

Decorating a shared space can be challenging, especially if you each have wildly differing styles. But here’s the good news—most any décor can be combined when done in a thoughtful intentional way. For example, if the two of you have decided to keep the heirloom dining room table you were gifted by your grandmother, you could easily balance that traditional style with sleek and modern seating options.

It’s especially important when combining different design aesthetics to keep in mind that neither style is “wrong”. Think of it as a challenge as you work together to blend your unique tastes. And don’t be afraid to retain the services of a design expert to help you achieve good balance…it really is an investment worth making.

6. Carve Out Your Own Space

Each of you should set aside a little space in the home that is uniquely yours. Perhaps it’s a reading nook with a comfy chair, a soft throw, and a bookcase holding your favorite reads. Or it might be a chaise in the corner of the bedroom, where soft light falls through translucent curtains. It could even be a lounger on the back patio where you can stretch out and soak up some sun while listening to your favorite tunes.

Whatever suits you, create your own little sanctuary in the home. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

7. Consider Renting a Storage Unit

After all the discussion, communication, and compromise is through you may find that you simply have too many items that are too important to get rid of. Whether it is antique furniture, a carefully curated art collection, or your beloved set of antique baseball cards, there may be items neither of you wants to lose but has no room for.

That’s when you should consider renting a storage unit (and be sure to get a climate-controlled unitif you’re going to be storing mattresses, furniture, art, or baseball cards).

As one of Sydney’s top storage facilities, we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote for a unit that will keep your items safely stored. Contact us today and one of our storage experts will tailor our services to your needs.

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