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Interesting Facts About Storage Units

Self-Storage units

The self-storage industry is ironically a thriving business even in times of economic hardships. The industry remains one of the fastest growing businesses in the real estate sector.

There are multiple storage units available in almost all cities. In most places, there are too many storage facilities to choose from such that almost everyone would be able to find a storage space to rent whenever need be.

Here are some of the most interesting facts to know about storage units.

Self-Storage units

How the Storage Industry Started

The first ever documented storage compartments were used in ancient China. Underground pits were dug and prepared for storing and preserving food. As years passed by, the British came up with crating services for dignitaries and noble men who went far away from home on long term basis during the Middle Ages.

These crates would be kept in well guarded stables. They were usually sold by bankers. However, modern storage facilities and units only emerged in the 20th century.

They were rented out to people who required some extra storage space. To date, these units have evolved further in design and features, and they will continue to evolve.

Common Reasons Why Individuals Rent a Storage Facility

The most common reason why most people rent a space for storage is lacking enough space at home. Most people who use these facilities are homeowners and business people.

It is not uncommon to find one in every ten households renting a space for storage. Although it may sound strange initially, if you consider the current growth in retail sales, then the storage industry boom becomes easier to acknowledge.

Other common reasons for renting these units include when relocating to a new house, doing a renovation, downsizing, storing commercial inventory (most popular with online stores  and small businesses that cannot afford renting a warehouse space), and storing documents or any other property.

What Items Do People Keep In Self Storage?

Some of the most common items kept in these units include:

  • Electronics such as audio equipment, TV sets, and old computers among others.
  • Appliances such as stoves, washers, heating units, refrigerators and cooling units.
  • Furniture pieces such as beds, dining tables, and couches.
  • Important memorabilia and documents like land titles, manuscripts, marriage certificates, and family photographs.
  • Valuable possessions and collector’s items such as antique furniture, jewelry, rare artwork, and collectibles such as booklets of stamps and old coins.

Strangest Uses of a Storage Facility

Although units for storage have become like a basic necessity in today’s consumer society, you will not fail to find weird and unusual uses of these spaces. It is not uncommon to hear of reports about homeless people converting the units to a home until they get caught.

There are criminals who may use them as hideouts or even as meth labs. Unlicensed medical practitioners may also hide their small clinics in such facilities.

Although most people use them for the right reasons, they are some people who use them for the strangest purposes like storing illegal weaponry, illegal fireworks and even dead bodies.

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