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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the entire home. This is where people head when they want a meal on their way out to work. It’s also where people come for a family celebration. If you have an older kitchen or your present one isn’t quite working out, you’ll want a kitchen that is more functional and easier to use. One way to create that kind of kitchen is with the use of more space. A Kitchen Renovation with a Storage Shed In Sydney is an ideal solution that can help you get that perfect home kitchen space with ease.

Roll out drawers

Roll out drawers are a good addition to any kitchen. This is one Kitchen Renovation that can really pay off by making it easy for people to find the things they need and use every day. A set of roll out drawers can be installed while keeping other items in a Storage Shed In Sydney. The roll out drawers can be put in any drawers in the kitchen. Use them in the corner of the room to help make the best use of a space that might otherwise go unused.

Roll out drawers

An island

Another very useful Kitchen Renovation project is putting an island in the middle of the kitchen. This is one way to help expand storage space in the room. The island can be used to keep items when they are not use such as a large soup pot. An island can also be used to keep items that are used primarily for special occasions like a large serving platter or other decorative trays. The island makes an ideal gathering spot for parties. Add a few chairs at one end and you can cook while talking to people at the same time.

Island bench

The keeping room

The keeping room is a space where people have long gathered when it gets colder. This old fashioned idea is one that is modern again. Create a keeping room in your home and keep your things in a Storage Shed in Sydney as you get the work completed. A keeping room is a great people for people to relax near the kitchen when they are not cooking. Put a television in one part on the room so you talk and eat as you watch a favourite show. This is a also a good place to keep a library of varied cookbooks.

Keeping room attached to kitchen

Opening it up

Expanding your existing space into another room is another way to add additional storage to your kitchen. You can break the wall between the kitchen and the dining room for a much more open feel. This is one way to bring in light in spaces in the heart of Sydney. It’s also a good place to keep lots of storage like a butler’s pantry that lets you keep your most cherished heirloom china in a space separate from the rest of the home. You’ll have lots more open space, more natural light and a more functional kitchen space.

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