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How To Know If The Self Storage Facility In Sydney Is Really Secure

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One of the most common reasons on why people make use of a self storage facility is that they need protection from theft on all the items. If you want the same then you might want to take a few minutes to read this article and know how to judge whether such a facility is really safe or not.

Please remember that all the facilities are not equally safe and you must always seek the safest one by reading the following tips:

Judge The Light System

Visit the premises of the company after sunset so that you can judge whether they have ample amount of lighting or not. Saving electricity should not be the company’s priority. Keeping everything well illuminated must be.

Apart from keeping the thieves at bay, good lighting would also ensure that other security equipment like video surveillance cameras works well.

Have A Look At The Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is a core security element for any storage facility company. There should be enough cameras that they cover the entire area and they should always be kept on.

It would also be good if you get an idea on how long the company keeps the recordings of the cameras so that if any theft occurs, the police can get access to the surveillance records and narrow down the suspect list.

Ensure There Is Proper Fencing

If anyone can wander in the area where your precious items are kept then you would have ample reasons to be angry. Ensure that it’s not the case by driving around the facility and ensuring that proper fencing is done at every corner. Even a stray dog must not be able to enter the restricted area.

It would be good if the fencing is regularly monitored and the company checks for loopholes after at least a few days to ensure the best protection of goods. It would also be a smart idea to have electric fencing in highly classified areas so that an unwanted intruder at least gets a good jolt.

Map The Access Requirements

The self-storage company in Sydney you choose must give you the liberty to access your stuff anytime at night or day. But it must also have some stringent security measures in place. For instance, you must be required to enter a code on a coded keypad on entering the area where your stuff is kept.

A video surveillance camera should also monitor your incoming and outgoing movements. These measures would not bother you but it would bother an intruder a lot.

Ask For Installation Of Disk Locks

Disk locks are one of the safest locks in the market. They are resistant to picks, heavy hammers and even bolt cutters which mean a thief would really have to work a lot to open them.

When renting self-storage, ask the company to install these locks on your door to get maximum peace of mind. If they are not willing to install them, buy one yourself and install it with their permission.

Even after taking all the aforementioned measures, your goods might be in danger from accidents and natural calamities like earthquakes. So, be smart and get all the products insured before you keep them away from your eyes.

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