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Most Popular Uses for Mobile Storage

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Mobile storage solutions are available for almost any item you can think of! Here are some of the more popular storage items located in our secure facility at the moment.

Business supplies

The uses of a mobile storage box are boundless, and many businesses choose to use its flexibility to aid their functionality. How it is used, is of course, dependent on the size of the compartment. From papers to products, the storage spaces are perfectly designed to house business items that don’t fit in the office. Increasingly, online store owners are calling the team at Holloways Mobile Storage secure a space to warehouse their goods. Similarly, an increasing number of tradespeople are enjoying a secure space to keep their tools, equipment and supplies in one location.



Whether you have newly downsized your home, acquired extra pieces from a loved one, or are simply storing away large items for a rainy day, there is a storage space to house any furniture item. There are plastic covers, padded sheets and boxes of every size to assist in the long-term storage of furniture, from old kitchen appliances to spare mattresses; the functionality of the storage spaces make furniture one of the most popular items stored within them.


Old clothes

It is often too difficult to part with old fashions, or too hard to decide which are worthy of hand-me-down status. Fortunately old clothes need not suffer either fate, and often find themselves in amongst the possessions in a mobile storage pod. Protected from the elements as best as can be, baby clothes, your wedding shoes, winter woolies and summer brollies all make up the majority of mobile storage boxes. As with furniture, the appropriate packing devices makes it possible to keep pretty much any keepsake in prime condition.

The collectible and the obsolescent

Any household will have unwanted-yet-necessary documents, files, binders and archives tucked away in spaces you wish could be uncluttered; any business will know this is an issue that increases tenfold. Holloways storage solutions offer not only the space to keep the collections of business and pleasure, but a way to categorise and organise, by way of boxes intended for archives and bags intended to maintain impeccable keepsakes.



While it may be surprising to learn, many people store their luxury boats, spare cars – both practical and vintage – and trailers in large, secure storage facilities. This is on top of the large furniture items and spare possessions that you may have already managed to maneuver into the unit. Once the tanks are drained of flammable liquids, these precious vehicles can be stored for any amount of time.

Are you interested in obtaining a mobile storage unit? Be sure to speak to your site manager about your storage needs, and they will fit you with a mobile storage space to provide any solution to the organisational problems on hand.

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