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Questions To Ask About Self-Storage Services Before Renting

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Whether you need a self-storage facility for a short period or a long run, there are questions that one has to ask the self-storage company before hiring it. It is important to ensure that the facility will be able to serve all your needs and accordingly.

Let’s discuss the questions that you should ask about self-storage services before renting.

  • Size and cost.

It is important to know if the units will be able to accommodate your items. All units are not the same size, and your items might not fit in the units. Also, ensure you have enough knowledge about the charges of the units and any other extra cost that may charge for the period you are renting the facility.

  • Climate control.

It is important to ask if the self-storage company have the units that can control the climatic changes and also how they do it. This is because you may find that sometimes there may be high temperatures that affect the items you want to store. The units are installed and set in a way that they can be able to regulate the temperature both in winters and summer. So ask if the facility has such units.

  • Type of units offered.

The other crucial question that you can ask is if the company does have both the indoor and the outdoor units. The outside units are installed outside which is easy to access, unlike the indoor units which are installed in a building and requires you to enter a building to access your units. Ask the type of the self-storage units that the company has for you to be able to rent the one that will suit you.

  • Operating hours.

You may find that some companies operate throughout the day where you can be able to access your unit at any time of the day. Others do not work the whole day they have specific working hours. Therefore inquireabout the operating hours and the time you are supposed to exit the premises so you can have the information with you. You may also find some self-storage facilities do not operate on holidays and weekends.

  • Security status.

It is important to ensure that your items are stored in a safe place. Ask the type of safety found in the facility and how it operates. Some of the securities you should expect to find in the plants are surveillance videos, alarm doors and gates, security guards and also secure building access.

  • Means of transportation.

Find out if the company has any mode of transporting the items either in or out of your storage unit. It is also important to ask if the facility has any packaging materials in case you need one or you have to come with your own. Also, if the building has different floor inquire if they have elevators to be able to access the other floors.

  • Access to the premises.

The other important question you should ask about is the access to the premises. Ask what is required of you to enter the gate and also how you can be able to access your unit as well. It is also important to ask if you can send someone to access your unit and what is required in such a case.

  • Required documents.

Am sure there are the documents that you are supposed to produce for you to be able to rent a self-storage unit. It is important to ask the management the required documents from you. Some of the documents that may be necessary include the insurance cover documents, the identity card, a passport picture, contacts, and address as well.

  • Terms and conditions.

No company operates without their requirements. Therefore ensure that you ask a copy of the company’s terms and conditions. The term and conditions may be related to the payments and about the time you are renting the facility. Therefore ask about all their terms and conditions that apply.

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