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Top 5 Reasons People Invest in Sydney Self Storage Units

reasons people invest in Sydney self storage units

There are some things that just make sense, and making sure your belongings are safe, secure, and protected from the weather when they can’t be with you certainly qualifies. You’ve spent years gathering the items you love, some of which hold great value while others are sentimentally priceless, so why wouldn’t you make sure they’re kept somewhere safe?

And there’s no better way to ensure your belongings stay in perfect condition than by renting a storage unit with a company you trust. People rent storage units for a variety of reasons, some of which just might surprise you. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why folks in Sydney rent a self-storage unit.

1. They’re Storing Business Documents and/or Inventory

If you’ve owned a business for any length of time you know just how quickly piles of paperwork can overtake a space…and just how much room does piles take up. There are so many documents and papers that business owners are required to keep for years on end. From employee records to tax papers, bank statements, payroll records, and invoicing, the paperwork can fill an entire room in an office…so many business owners opt to free up space by keeping papers that are important but rarely need to be accessed offsite in a storage facility.

And the same is true for excess inventory. Too often, business owners miss out on the price break that comes with buying merchandise in bulk for no other reason than they simply have no place to store it. By renting a self-storage unit, business owners can safely store their excess inventory and business documents in the same space, freeing up office room for office work.

2. They’re Giving Their Current Home a Facelift

There are times when you don’t want to move but you do want to give your current residence a bit of a refresh. Building an addition, knocking out walls to expand a room, or repainting a home’s interior are all projects that can make the space feel new while increasing its value. Unfortunately, the fallout from such projects can also do a number on your furniture.

Homeowners who plan to remodel often opt to temporarily store most of their furniture and accessories until construction is complete which, in turn, protects it from dust, paint, and damage from falling debris.

3. They’re Moving

This is probably the reason for renting a storage unit that is most familiar to people. Prepping your current home for a move is a big deal and requires plenty of forethought. Before you can sell your home, you must list it with a realtor…and most realtors will tell you, when it comes to staging your home, less is more.

Realtors often advise their clients to pare down their décor and take out any furniture or accessories that make the current home feel crowded. Potential buyers want to feel as though the space has plenty of room. A storage unit is the perfect solution for all the furniture that will be moving out of the home. And remember, the garage must also look organized and spacious…so cramming everything in there is not a solution.

Once that perfectly staged home sells, many homeowners opt to hang onto the storage unit. After all, why move all the stuff you’ve moved out back in just so you can pay the removalists to move it back out and into your new home?

Storage units are also used by families who will be living in temporary housing in the time between when they move out of their old home and into their new home. They keep their essentials with them in temporary housing…and everything else stays in storage until move in day.

4. They Own Specialised Equipment or Vehicles

People who own businesses that require the use of large pieces of equipment—let’s use a landscape company as an example—often opt to store that equipment in a self-storage facility. Doing so helps them avoid paying more in rent for the larger office space required to keep equipment onsite.

And you might be surprised at the number of families who use storage units to house all the specialised equipment for seasonal recreation. Summer equipment like water skis, tubes, boats, and jet skis can all be stored when not in use, as can winter essentials like skis, snowshoes, and ski mobiles.

5. They Just Want a Little Extra Room

Many storage renters do so just to give them a bit more breathing room in their home. Some use storage units to store the family heirlooms they love but just don’t have room for. Others opt to keep the childhood clothing, mementos, and toys of children long since grown. Still others want a safe place to store furniture that has gone out of fashion because they know what goes around comes around and those pieces will one day be en vogue again.

Whatever the reason, take comfort in knowing people everywhere routinely rent storage units for both short- and long-term needs. The key is finding a storage unit facility that is secure, well-lit, and willing to work with you to provide exactly the right amount of storage required.

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