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So you’ve either made the decision to renovate your home or you’re thinking about making this decision. Right now it must sound rather exciting, but without the proper planning you could find yourself wishing you had never considered the idea in the first place.

A stress-free house renovation doesn’t happen on its own. Creating a stress-free environment is hard work—some might even say stressful work—but it all pays off when the project is completed as smoothly as a room being knocked to pieces can be completed. Want to find out more? Continue reading for renovation tips.


Be Organised

If you simply dive right into renovations without doing the necessary preparation, everything around you will fall apart—no pun intended (but it kind of was). Start planning now, before it all begins. This involves establishing what kind of work will be done, what kind of services you will need, and most importantly knowing the cost of the project. You won’t regret writing up a budget and deciding on a deadline. If you are new to renovations, it might be worth having a dialogue with your hired tradesperson to check that you’re both on the same page. If you’re taking the DIY approach, get as much advice as possible. Whether that advice is from a professional in the field or an experienced friend, it is entirely up to you and your calculated budget.


Be Realistic

Base your decision on whether or not to DIY, by taking the scale of your project and your level of experience in to account. While DIY is appealing to those on a strict budget, the cost could easily go up if you make a beginner’s mistake on something as hazardous as construction. In other words, it’s almost always better to hire a professional. It’s also important to stick to what your budget allows, and don’t be tempted to conduct a grand scale renovation just because that’s what everyone else is doing. Don’t make any renovation decisions in the hopes that it will add more value to your house. Remember, you are renovating on the basis of practicality and your own personal vision.


Clutter, Be Gone

The last thing you want is one of your builders tripping over a dangerous object that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Make sure all your clutter is gone by the time they arrive—or if you’re doing the renovating, make sure you check yourself before you wreck yourself. While a construction site of any kind will always be messy, you can still improve your surroundings by making it as safe as possible. Give us a call and move everything unnecessary to the renovations into a temporary mobile storage unit.

Renovating your house is a big decision to make, and one with high costs and stress-inducing tendencies. So while it’s important to have fun with your current home refurbishments, it’s even more crucial that you put a great deal of thought into the financial outcomes of your choices throughout. Stay organised, realistic and clutter free, and your renovations should run smoothly.

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