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Self-Storage 101: What Is it And How Does it Work? We’ve Got All the Answers You Need

self-storage 101

If you’ve never rented storage space before, it is common to have basic questions about the process itself. As one of Sydney’s top storage facilities, we at Holloway Removals & Storage understand the idea of leaving some of your most prized possessions at a storage facility can be unsettling, so we’ve created what we like to call Self-Storage 101: What is it and how does is work?

Here we will answer your questions so you can have full confidence when you decide to leave your treasured keepsakes and belongings with us.

What is self-storage?

Think of self-storage as that extra space you need that your home or apartment just doesn’t have. Depending on the space you require, a storage unit is essentially an extra closet or garage, providing the room you need for short- or long-term storage.

There are many reasons why people choose to rent a storage unit:

  • It gives you a place to store seasonal items (like holiday decorations and/or seasonal clothing and equipment) that you only pull out once a year
  • During a move, if you must live in temporary housing until your new place is available, self-storage provides safe keeping for your belongings.
  • If your home is being remodeled, you may need a place to store furniture and housewares until the remodel is complete.
  • If you have vehicles you don’t regularly use (RV’s, motorcycles) or items like boats and other watercrafts, storage lets you keep them safe without them taking up precious real estate at your home.
  • If you have expensive collections requiring specialised storage, Holloway storage has custom solutions for high-value items like artwork, antiques, and even wine collections.

How Do I Choose the Right Size for My Storage Needs?

The short answer is—give us a call! We have a team of storage experts who will ask you a few questions to help you determine how much storage space you need.

But if you’re looking for examples, we have those for you, too:

Small Self-Storage Space

A 1.5M x 1.5M x 2.9M (H) will hold approximately 10 – 20 boxes and is great for storing seasonal décor or documents.

A 3M x 2M x 2.9M (H) is quite a bit larger and can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. This provides plenty of box storage as well as space for living room and bedroom furniture.

Medium Self-Storage Space

A 4M x 3M x 2.9M (H) can easily hold the contents of a three-bedroom home and is perfect for holding large quantities of boxes and items in preparation for a move.

A 5M x 3M x 2.9M (H) unit is the equivalent size of a small, single-car garage. It can store items from a 3–4-bedroom home or has space for small vehicles or trailers.

Large Self-Storage Space

An 8M x 3M x 2.9M (H) unit can accommodate belongings from a 5-6-bedroom household with room left over to store a vehicle. This size is also quite popular with business looking for a large, offsite storage location.

If you only need storage for an RV, vehicle, or boat, look for units that are 5M – 10M in length.

How Do I Go About Renting a Self-Storage Unit?

Once you know what size self-storage unit you need, be sure to contact us at Holloway Removals & Storage. It’s best if you understand what your budget is for a storage unit going into the process. Keep in mind that storage prices vary depending on whether you need a unit that is indoor vs. outdoor or climate controlled, and the size of the unit you need.

On your move-in day, be sure to bring identification and your reservation number (if you were given one). And don’t forget to bring your payment method of choice.

When it comes to payments, most storage companies charge on a month-to-month basis, eliminating the hassle of long-term contracts…but you should confirm this with your storage company before signing paperwork.

Do Mobile Self-Storage Units Really Exist?

YES! Our mobile self-storage units are the perfect way to free up space in your home. Whether you’re just doing a bit of decluttering or need storage while downsizing, we provide convenient mobile storage.

Our mobile units can be delivered across Sydney by our friendly and professional team, who will then return whenever you’re ready to transport the unit back to our secure facility. Gone are the days of hauling heavy boxes and furniture across town to store. Let us bring the unit to you!

How Secure Are Self-Storage Units?

At Holloway Storage, we employ the latest in security technology to keep our facility…and your belongings…safe and sound. Unlike other facilities, we carefully monitor the comings and goings of people in our facility. Our CCTV system is monitored around the clock, and we have 24hr security on site.

So, what are you waiting for? Let our team of experts help you determine the self-storage space you need and get you moved in. We think you’ll be surprised just how easy the self-storage process can be.



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