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Start With Cleaning: Preparing Furniture For Storage

Although it might seem somehow silly to clean your items thoroughly just for storing them, doing so will ensure they are well preserved.

You might be thinking of something terrible happening. Furniture left alone might contain elements such as bacteria and make them prone to accumulation of mildew or mold when stored for a long period.

Hence, the basic initial step to storing furniture is giving it a thorough clean. Here are some tips for cleaning plastic, wooden, and upholstered furniture.

Protect Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered items are those containing cushions, springs, and stuffing and have fabric covers. They can be cleaned using these steps:

  • Know the fabric. It’ crucial to understand that different fabric may react differently to some processes and chemicals. Hence, knowing the type of the fabric will assist toward the ideal way of cleaning and protecting it.
  • Brushing off the dust. Use a duster or vacuum to remove any particles off your furniture. You should remove the cushions and remove any particles that might have fallen into them and between any cracks or spaces.
  • Use a cleanser. Once you know the type of the fabric and their surface is smooth and ready, choose a cleaner which matches with the specific fabric. Wash the fabric using a cleaning brush ideal for fabric. Once you apply a cleaning solution, and let the item sit back to soak for some minutes in the chemical. Let it soak longer if the stains seem tough. Clean the cushions separately.
  • Let it dry. Once you are done cleaning, let the furniture dry completely prior to reassembling the pieces.

Sustaining Wooden Items

Wooden furniture is often a showstopper. A wooden item decorates any space, and you will want to maintain the item that way.

Temperamental wood is prone to damage by some cleaning methods. Hence, the wrong cleaning method may ruin the whole piece. Choose an ideal cleanser and test it on a small portion prior to cleaning an entire item. Here are the key steps to follow when cleaning:

  • Know the type of wood
  • Dust the object
  • Choose an ideal cleanser
  • Once clean, use a protective coating for sealing. This should be a very clear finish that is designed to assist in preservation

Tip for cleansers: Start with a weak cleanser and only go for a stronger one if stains or dirt persists. Stronger cleansers may damage wooden furniture. May be a simple water solution with some light soap might work for you.

Preserving Plastic Items

Plastic furniture adds unique and simple touch to any room. There are many options available to clean plastic furniture.

Common and readily available household items may be used to clean plastic furniture. They include:

  • Baking soda
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Common tile or tub cleaners

Just like with the other furniture, dust plastic ones off, and give them a thorough clean using an ideal solution and let it dry completely.

Consider Full Coverage

You should invest in good furniture covers once the items are thoroughly clean and fully ready to be kept in a chosen self-storage unit. Covers offer an extra protection layer.

If you desire having complete control over weather elements for your items, then go for a storage unit with a climate control feature to assist in preventing discoloring, warping, and distress or any other damage to the furniture.

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