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How to create more space without renovations

Transforming your house to increase its storage space can be quite a complicated and hard-to-achieve thing. Besides, it can be quite expensive to renovate your home to add more storage room.  Here are a few tips from Holloway Storage Sydney to follow when seeking to increase your house’s storage capacity.

Rent Self Storage Sydney

One of the readily available options that you can utilise to help increase the available storage capacity for your household items is renting storage space. There are various reputable Self Storage Sydney companies available in the market today which you can explore. For instance, using the internet to search keywords such as Self Storage Sydney gives you a list of reputable and well-known companies dealing with Self Storage in Sydney. These specialist facilities give you an option to store virtually any item for which you do not have sufficient and safe storage room in your house.

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Use colour schemes

The colour of your walls can have a huge impact on the feel of your home, especially if you have a cluttered house. Darker coloured walls tend to make homes feel smaller and claustrophobic. if you want to make your house feel more spacious, repaint your walls in a lighter colour such as off-white. White walls reflect light which is cast over your living spaces, creating the illusion of more space.

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Declutter your storage spaces

Sometimes, you may run out of storage space in your house as a result of storing too many items, most of which are junk. You should, from time to time, go through the entire storage room and identify items that are otherwise useless and get rid of them to free up more space. De-cluttering also gives you an opportunity to reorganise your items in a way that frees up more storage space.

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Use up uncommon spaces

Certain spaces in your house such as under the stairs or over the ceiling of your house are often spacious yet less exploited as storage spaces. When seeking to free up more space in your house without necessarily incurring renovation costs, you may want to exploit such spaces for storing items that are less utilised in your house. The attic, for instance, can be used for storing hardware tools and other smaller items that can be packaged into boxes. You may also use the under-the-stairs room for storing dry foods to free more space in your kitchen.

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Buy fewer items

Sometimes, when seeking to have sufficient room in your house, you may want to buy fewer items. Most common items that consume more storage space than necessary include furniture, utensils, clothing, and shoes among others. Purchasing only what you need and is necessary for comfortable living in your house is necessary to ensure you get rid of unnecessary items that eat up more space. When buying items such as furniture, it pays to go for unique designs that are sleek and therefore consume less space.

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