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Packing Tips For Fragile Items

Whether you’re packing to move or packing for long term storage, there are several steps you can take to protect your most fragile items. To keep your precious belongings from being damaged in the moving or storage process, consider these tips from Holloway Storage, Sydney Storage.

Use clear plastic

For fragile items, storing them in plastic instead of cardboard will give them more protection. This will make it easier to see what’s in the container and reduce the risk of crushing injuries.

plastic storage tubs

Wrap thoroughly

If the container will only hold one large object, wrap the object in either packing material such as bubble wrap or a towel, flannel sheet or blanket. Once it’s wrapped, tape the wrapping thoroughly to keep it in place.

bubble wrap

Separate contents

If you have several precious items to protect when storing them in Sydney Storage, take care to protect them from one another. For example, if you have china or other dishes to store, separate them from one another with packing material or use a long bath towel.

Put one end of the bath towel in the bottom of the box and settle the first plate on it. Drape the towel back over the first plate. Settle the next plate on top of this layer, and keep going. A few bath towels can protect your precious items from one another, reduce the need to individually wrap and tape, and reduce the risk of tape adhesive sticking to your possessions if the storage time will be long.

dishes being stored

Label thoroughly

Don’t just mark the box on one side. Label the side, front and top of the box so when you place it in your Sydney Storage unit, you can always put the contents information where it’s easy to spot so you know to handle it with care. Use a permanent marker rather than labels. Labels can curl in the heat and leave you wondering what’s in every container.

labelled boxes

Take care when stacking

If your Sydney Storage unit has the headroom, put your most fragile items high on the stack. Then pile another tower of boxes in front of the first tower. This way, your most precious items won’t get crushed under a box of books. Also, if the fragile box falls from the top of the stack, it won’t fall all the way to the floor.

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