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The Cost of Renting Self Storage in Sydney: 6 Things to Consider

cost of renting self-storage in Sydney

Is your garage busting at the seams with boxes and bins? Has your guest room become the collection station where all the stuff that no longer fits in the garage goes to die? At some point, most homeowners or renters come to a point where they say, “Enough is enough!” and begin looking for a way to free up some space.

And one of the easiest solutions is renting a self-storage unit. But anyone who has priced storage units knows the costs can vary, leaving some to wonder if self-storage is something they can afford.

In Sydney, the average size of a storage unit is 3m x 3m x 3m and rents for approximately $112 per month, but there are several factors that can affect the price. Let’s look at 6 things that can affect how much you pay for your storage unit.


Location can play a major role in the price you pay for a storage unit. Those living in big cities or large, urban areas can expect to pay a higher price for their units. This is due to the fact that the cost of living and real estate is usually higher in such areas.

Conversely, the cost of storage units outside of the city limits are often lower. If you live in a metropolitan area, you may want to call storage facilities that are less conveniently located to see if you’ll enjoy a price break. Consider whether you’ll need to access your unit regularly as this could factor into the decision of where to rent. For example, if you’re looking to rent a unit to house excess merchandise and will need to access it regularly, the money you save by renting an out-of-town unit will be used driving back and forth to the storage facility. You may be better off renting the higher unit that is closer to home.

The Length of Your Rental

The length of your contract can have an impact on the cost of your unit. You will almost certainly pay more for the short-term rental of a unit for a couple weeks than you would if signing a one-year contract.

Climate Control

Some stored items benefit from being housed in a climate-controlled unit. Items like leather or wooden furniture, mattresses and/or bedding, artwork, or photographs can be damaged when exposed to varying temperatures and humidity levels. Climate-controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, allowing you to safely store sensitive items…but it usually comes with a higher price tag.

If you are not storing delicate items, you are able to get by with renting a non-climate-controlled unit and enjoy a lower rental fee as a result.


Not all storage facilities are created equal. Some believe a fence around the property and a lock on your unit is all the security you need. Other higher-end storage facilities offer high-tech security features including 24/7 CCTV monitoring and security patrols to ensure your belongings stay safe.

While you may pay a lower rate for a unit at a less-secure facility, you may rue the day you opted for the cheaper option should your unit fall victim to thieves.

Unit Size

It makes sense that larger storage units are going to go for a higher price. That is why it is important to know exactly how much space you need to ensure you don’t overpay for space you won’t use.

Here are some sample sizes to consider:

  • A 1.5m x 1.5m x 3m unit is nicely sized to hold 10 – 20 boxes and is good for storing product backstock or documents.
  • A 3m x 3m x 3m unit (sometimes called a half garage) is large enough to hold items from a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • A 5m x 3m x 3m unit is the equivalent of a full garage and can hold the contents of a 3-bedroom home. They’re also sized to accommodate small vehicles or trailers.

If you are unsure what size unit to rent, call your local storage unit facility. They will be happy to help you determine the perfect size of unit for your needs.


Believe it or not, the time of year can play a part in the cost of your storage unit. Some facilities charge more in the spring when everyone gets the itch to do a little “spring cleaning” and around the Christmas season when people are more likely to temporarily store extra furniture to make more room for guests.

Ask your storage facility if they increase prices during certain seasons. It may be worth it to wait a month or two before signing the rental agreement.

If you are in the Sydney area and are looking for a storage facility that will put your needs first, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway Storage. Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with a storage quote we know you’re going to love.

Let us store your belongings the right way…with Holloway.

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