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Three Ways of Preserving Artwork in Storage Units

If you own a gallery with a collection of artwork, or you are just a casual artwork collector, preserving artwork ensures you can keep your work in a perfect condition for many years.

As you add a different or new decor to your gallery artwork, or just switching them, go for a Sydney storage facility to keep the pieces that you do not require at the moment.

Below are the recommendable ways of preventing damage and ensuring your collections will be valuable for long:

Keep Them Packaged and Well Protected

Just like any other item you would store, start with assessing the current condition of cleanliness. Clean dust from the piece. Ensure it does not have any debris since dirt can worse the current state or lead to unintended residue with time.

The next thing to consider is whether the piece of art was originally packed when you purchased it. This will guide you on how you package it for proper storage.

In case you are not sure of where to start, protect the edges of the artwork with a cardboard. Then consider using a paper that is acid-free to cover either sides of your artwork. Such papers are manufactured to protect artwork and important documents when storing them for a long period.

Layer the back and front of the piece using an acid-free paper. Also cover the two sides with cardboard. This prevents bending or damage before placing the piece in a storage cardboard box.

Go For A Climate Controlled Storage Unit or for breathable wooden units

Artwork requires specific humidity and temperature levels to remain in their perfect state. The ideal conditions are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 percent humidity. However, these levels can vary depending on the specific materials and the needs of the artwork.

Create a list that indicates the various materials and elements making up the artwork before selecting the ideal Sydney storage facility.

Store the Artwork Upright and Offer It Enough Room

Once your artwork has been secured for safe Sydney storage and you have chosen the right storage facility and transported it to the storage facility, you will have to pay special attention to how it is placed with other things in the unit.

When storing artwork among other items, ensure it is placed in a manner that will not damage it.

Keep The Following Points In Mind:

  • Keep artwork upright. This avoids crushing it or having items fall on the piece while moving other belongings in the unit.
  • Create enough room for the artwork. Never place any item on it especially when it is kept flat rather than upright. Other items can crush it due to their weight and damage the valuable piece of art.

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