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Tips on Categorizing and Taking Inventory of the Stored Items

Storage facilities are a great choice for people who do not have extra space at their home to store all valuables. Clutter at home can also become clutter in a self storage facility when you fail to organize items and keep an inventory record.

Here are some tips on how to organize your storage unit and maximize it while accessing your belongings conveniently whenever you require them.

Organize a Storage Space

Organizing space in your storage makes it easier and quicker to retrieve an item. Organizing the space also ensures that you will maximize the available space. Use these tips to maximize your space for storage:

  • Categorize the items by size, room, and activity. For instance, keep sporting equipments in one group and furniture in another group.
  • Label any containers, bins, and boxes. Ensure you mark the content inside each box to make it easier locate items when you need to retrieve them.
  • Place the items you use frequently at the front. Assess the items you will need soon and place them close to the unit’s door for easier and quicker access.
  • Draw a diagram. Make a sketch of the layout of your unit to assist in locating items quickly.
  • Store items that are similar together. Keep items that are similar in category together. For instance, clothing, collectibles, and seasonal items can be kept together in a designated area.
  • Maximize the vertical space. You should keep some items on the shelves to save space on the floor.

Also, ensure that you select the appropriate size of the unit that will accommodate all your items. This ensures that you will have enough space to store your belongings effectively.

In case you are not sure about the ideal option, call or visit a storage service provider for further assistance.

Take Inventory of Your Storage Unit

Once you have categorized your items, it is crucial to make an inventory of the items you are storing. Maintain the record on a spreadsheet and ensure you record this information when storing items:

  • Item category
  • Description of each item
  • The storage date
  • Location of each item in the unit

Keeping this data will assist you in identifying and retrieving your items quickly. This saves you a lot of time and offers you convenience whenever you want to retrieve something.

Self storage can assist you to reduce clutter from your home and use the available space strategically. Maximize your storage space by utilizing the best practices of organizing a storage space.

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