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Tips For Moving: Store It, Pack It, Or Trash It?

How to store


How to store

Moving from one home into another is a perfect moment to do away with items you no longer use or require. However, choosing what to do away with and keep can be tricky and confusing. You can also choose to store the items that you do not use regularly.

Read on for some expert tips to assist you in determining whether you should store, pack, or trash your items.

Categorizing Your Belongings


When sorting out your items prior to a move, you should ask yourself a number of questions to assist you in categorizing your belongings:

  • Is it ready for an upgrade?
  • Is there space for it in my new home?
  • How often do I use this?
  • Does it function well?
  • Will this match with the décor of my new home?
  • How attached am it to it?
  • Can someone benefit from it?

Pick up all your belongings that pass the above questions. Everything else will fall under one of the following categories:


Items to Trash (Among Other Options)


Being honest with yourself is crucial when sorting through your belongings. This will assist you in eliminating any unwanted clutter in your new house. Apart from broken items, other items to get rid of include:

  • Old magazines, letters, and greeting cards
  • Items with some missing parts
  • Rusty equipment like hoses, rakes, and gardening tools

Getting rid of excess belongings is always a relief. However, it can be challenging to just throw away some of your belongings. Hence, when we say you can “trash it,” we only mean that you are not going to really keep it. You should consider other options like giving the useful items a second life like giving away, donating, or selling them off.

Some of the belongings that would fall into such categories include:

  • Lightly worn rugs
  • Clothing that is no longer used
  • Decor items that are no longer used like sculptures, paintings, and lamps
  • Lightly damaged furniture
  • Unused or extra kitchenware such as mugs, plates, glass, and silverware


Belongings to Store


You may want to keep some items, but they may fail to fit in your new house. Such items include seasonal items, sentimental items, or hand-me-down items.

Using a self-storage unit would be a perfect solution. You can access your items any time as needed without taking extra space in your new home.

More so, many storage facilities offer storage units with climate control mechanisms to protect the stored items from humidity or extreme temperatures. Alternatively, you can go for units made out of breathable wood, instead of metal containers, that will allow your items to stay stored with no risks of mould or damp. This is particularly important if you are to store family souvenirs safely.

Some belongings that you should consider storing include:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Holiday decorations
  • Patio furniture
  • Outdoor tools such as rakes, snow blowers, and shovels
  • Unused musical instruments
  • Seasonal apparel such as sweaters, hats, and coats
  • Family souvenirs or photographs

If you are looking for a secure unit to store your belongings, you can visit out storage facilities page to check out our different locations. We offer great and flexible storage options without long-term contracts, which is perfect for removalists!

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