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Tips on Packing Fragile and Dangerous Items for a Move

Packing fragile items

Prickly points, sharp edges, and shattered glass are the worst nightmare for any mover. Fragile, potentially dangerous, or challenging to pack items demand for extra care during a move.

Protecting movers and items require proper packing. Here are some tips, from Holloway Storage Sydney,  on packing the most fragile and dangerous items for a move.

Blocked Knives

In case your knives are secured using a block for ensuring they remain sharp and safe, consider packing them in their block.

Secure them in place using plastic dividers or a tape and wrap them together with tape or bubble wrap before putting them in a box for moving.

Loose Knives

If you have some steak knives and other sharp items that lack special packaging, wrap them together using an old towel or any strong box and then wrap it and keep it separately.

Label such a box as “Handle with Care: Sharp Items” to ensure that you do not cut yourself when moving and unwrapping them.


Grooming items such as razor blades should be kept together in their makeup bag. You can travel with them when moving rather that packing them away onto the moving truck. If you have to pack them onto the truck, secure the blade sides with a cardboard cover.

Ensure you take extra safety measures by wrapping the razor using a cardboard and cover it in a bubble wrap prior to placing it into the moving box. Also label such a box as “Handle with Care: Razor Blades.”


Cacti, like other plants, require careful packing. Keep cacti together with other plants that you will be moving but pack them carefully since they are prickly in nature. Wear sturdy gloves while handling cactus and wrap them carefully using many layers of old newspaper.

Wrap them again using bubble wrap. Once you put them into a container or a box, surround it using packing peanuts. Label the box as “Handle with Care: Cactus.”

School Supplies, Gardening Tools, and Kitchen Accessories

These items often have prickly parts. Try as much as possible to cover their sharp edges using plastic or cardboard covers. Wrap each of them in multiple layers until you view it as safe for packing for a move.

Push Pins

Different kinds of pins present a moving challenge due to their sharp nature. Buy a pincushion in case you don’t have one and store the pins safely in it.

After you put them in a pincushion, wrap it in several layers of newspaper and then bubble wrap it before putting it into a moving box.


Utilize cell boxes or glass dividers made of cardboard when packing and moving glassware. However, be extra careful when packing stemware. Wrap each glass stem in extra cushion. Once done, wrap the stemware in newspaper and add another layer of bubble wrap.

In case there are empty spaces in the glassware boxes, fill them with newspapers or packing peanuts to avoid any instances of shifting. Ensure you label all boxes containing glassware as “FRAGILE Items: Glassware.”


Surround dishware with packing peanuts to keep them from sliding and shifting when moving. Wrap each item individually using newspaper or bubble wrap and put some cushion between them to avoid any scratching. Label the boxes as “FRAGILE Items: Dishes.”


Consider using specialty boxes for packing specialty items like vases. Consider packing vases in the boxes they came with or get boxes that are specially designed to package vases when moving.

Wrap the vase using newspaper and wrap again using bubble wrap prior to putting it inside the box. Then label the box as “CAREFUL: Vase.”


Besides bad luck, cracked mirrors have sharp edges that you did not intent to handle during your move. When packing them, use a duct tape and make an X on the glass to ensure the mirror will not shift when moving and keep it together in case it cracks. Then use a foam board or a bubble wrap or any other cushy fabric material.

Cover all the frame’s edges using cardboard corners. Then wrap the mirror in a cardboard box and wrap it using duct tape. Ensure you put in vertically when packing it in the truck to ensure other items will not crush it. Label the box as “FRAGILE Item: Mirror.”

If you pack fragile items carefully, you will make your move easier and safer. Always check labels on the boxes when you start unpacking the items to avoid any instances of injury. Once this is done, you will have your items safe and you will also be safe.

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