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Tips on Storing Home Appliances When Moving

When selling or buying a home, unattached appliances like refrigerators, dryers, and washers might not be part of the agreement unless it was agreed that the contract would include them. Smaller appliances such as toasters, blenders, and coffee makers can make it in the move. 

Home appliances present many challenges when moving them since they are delicate and prone to breakage or water damage. Here is a guide from Holloway Self Storage Sydney, on how to pack small and big home appliances to ensure they’re protected during the move.

Packing Larger Appliances

Larger appliances like refrigerators, dryers, and washers require proper preparation for packing and moving. Start packing before the moving day to ensure you have enough time for disconnecting and cleaning the appliances before moving them to the new house or storage Sydney.

Consider following these steps when packing large appliances:

  • Clean every crevice and corner thoroughly. Ensure no food or drinks are left in any home appliance including the fridge. Dust every corner. Ensure you clean any sticky residue since food or drink residues attract different types of bugs and this can make using Sydney storage or moving a challenge.
  • Disconnect all the attachments. Ensure you unplug all the appliances and coil all the cords and tape them properly.
  • Allow for some time for the appliances to defrost or dry completely. Leave the doors open to ensure the appliances dry before packing. All water hoses should drain completely prior to coiling and storing them. Two days should be enough for the appliances to dry. Moisture can lead to molding while in Sydney storage. Hence, only pack the items when they are completely dry.
  • Tape the doors closed. While moving, all doors should be closed and wrapped using a protective cover. This will avoid dents and scratches.
  • Remember to open the doors of the appliances upon reaching the destination to prevent mildew or smells from forming once left unused.

If you follow these steps, you will protect your items from damage and save your money from replacing such expensive appliances.

If you are moving your appliances to a Sydney storage facility, only store them in a facility that has climate control features to ensure they won’t corrode or develop odors.

Storing Smaller Home Appliances Safely

Small appliances take less space. However, they still require special care during storage. Clean the appliances and allow them to dry completely before packing and moving them to Sydney storage. Always tape the lids and store appliances upright in their boxes.

Follow these tips when packing smaller appliances in moving boxes:

  • When packing small appliances such as coffee makers and toasters, consider repackaging them in their original boxes for more protection. If you don’t have their original boxes, then pack them in boxes that are close to the size of the original ones.
  • Wrap any loose pieces using paper towels or bubble wrap to prevent them from damage if some parts shift.
  • Fill empty spaces with newspaper or packing peanuts.
  • Coil any cords and tape them. They can get damaged easily hence cover them with foam for maximum protection.
  • You can store many small appliances in plastic bins with the aim of keeping away moisture.

Always label the moving boxes with the appliance they contain to make it easier to retrieving items. If you are keeping your items in a storage unit, ensure you put the items you might need soon towards the door of the storage unit or at the top to prevent disorganization when retrieving.

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