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Tips on Taking Measurements for Self Storage Unit Shelves

Before buying shelves for a storage unit, it is of uttermost importance to take measurements. It is crucial to know the storage space available for the shelves. You wouldn’t want to order them only for them to fail to fit in the space.

Also, you wouldn’t want many inches off the wall space for something that would have gone wider. The best thing is always making the most out of the space you have for storage.

There are many units that will allow you to alter the height of storage shelves. Such units will give you more control over the amount of space between them.

For instance, you can have tall items and you will need enough height for them. Hence, if you will store items that you change often, then you will surely need such flexibility.

Always Double Check

The ideal way to measure the available space for shelving is to get someone to assist you. This will make it possible for one of you to hold one end of the tape and the other hold the other end while taking the measurements.

Always write down the height and width you are working with. Double check the figures before shopping for the shelves. You can have a different person helping you to take the measurements once again.

If they match, then they are accurate. Double checking is advisable since one of you might misread the measurements.

Weight Limits

You should follow the manufacturer’s weight limits when using shelves in a self storage unit. If some items are a bit heavy, you will need to make more room.

It is not advisable stacking too many items and end up exceeding the shelves’ weight limits. If you exceed the weight limits, the shelves may get damaged and your items will fall off.

This will cost you extra expenses in replacing or repairing them or even damage the items.


If you have a storage unit with limited space, then consider vertical storage. Such shelves will allow you to stack many boxes or items but avoid stacking heavy boxes on lighter ones.

Keep heavy boxes beneath and lighter ones or those with fragile items at the top. If your storage space is limited on the width, then shelving storage will make it up for the space above. They will be great for storing items or boxes of the same shape and size.

If you stack boxes or items of different shape and size, pack carefully to ensure they are stacked in manner they won’t fall off.

Safety should always be a priority no matter how much you want to maximize the space. If you use shelves correctly in storage facilities, then you will be able to remove any clutter and ensure items are easily available when you want to retrieve them.

Taking measurements carefully and precisely will assist you in getting an overall idea of what you are after.

With the right measurements, you will able to transform a self storage space into an organized and presentable space.

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