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Understanding the Aspects of Security in Sydney Storage Facilities

There are many factors to think about when searching for the ideal self storage that will meet your needs such as climate control, specialty solutions, price, access time, and more.


Security is of uttermost importance in Sydney storage. Some conventional Sydney storage facilities are situated outside and you can access them with a simple padlock or a key.



This choice is more convenient and cheaper for some people. However, it is never advisable to sacrifice security for cost.


Always consider the security layers put in place when thinking about storage security and how the security measures protect you and your items in storage. Many storage companies are now upgrading their security features to offer users 24-hour security and access.


Security of the Facility


Most storage service providers install basic alarms and cameras on the facilities and boast of having 24-hour security. However, how sure are you that the cameras are actually on? Is there anyone who gets alerted incase an alarm goes off?


It is crucial to know the details of the protecting and security measures put in place and ask the manager questions like:


  • Do the cameras record on a 24-hour basis? Is a DVR included?
  • Who monitors the cameras?
  • What’s the number of cameras in the facility?
  • Are the facility’s cameras linked with other security technologies?
  • Who gets alerted in case the alarm goes off?


Other security measures that assist in deterring unauthorized access include key code features to access the gates. The storage company should always have a security guard representative in case there is a security breach or an emergency.



Protection in Sydney Storage


In case an intruder gains access into the Sydney storage facility, it is crucial to ensure your unit has effective deterrents. If your unit only has a standard padlock or key lock, think of the likely security risks. Standards locks are easy to bypass since thieved can cut through them using bolt clippers.


Storage units that have cylinder or recessed disc locks that are made of hard and thick metal are the most ideal locks. They deter theft in your unit since it takes a lot of time and energy to cut through them.


Also, make a point of asking whether the Sydney storage facility has an individual alarm for your unit and whether a video recorder is also installed in your unit. Facilities with a layered security mechanism at the entire facility level and at the individual unit level offer more satisfaction knowing that your items are fully protected.


Check what is in the market and shop around. Always ask the storage company manager hard questions regarding security before making the final decision on the provider to go for. Taking these measures is worth your time and efforts. This will ultimately assist you in selecting a Sydney storage facility that meets your security needs when it has extra security measures such as layered security systems.

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