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Using Self Storage to Make Room for a New Baby

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby does not have to stress you out. Creating a serene and peaceful room for a new baby might seem challenging, but you can make it an exciting and fun experience when you utilize the best plan.

Whether you are first-time parents or adding another baby, consider using these tips, from Holloway Storage Sydney, to assist you in preparing enough space for your new baby while maximizing excitement and reducing stress:

Safety Should Come First

The first step to take should be designating a space for the new baby to sleep and play. Whether it is transforming your office or guestroom, or reorganizing your current bedroom to accommodate a newborn, it is always recommended to select a space where the baby will be safe.

Ensure that all the surrounding furniture does not have dangerous or sharp edges. You can attach some foam on the corners of the furniture items. Also get some non-slipping pads and put them under light furniture and rugs to avoid being injured.

Organizing the Nursery

If you make up your mind to convert your room into a nursery, then clean it thoroughly and organize it properly. Remove all personal and regularly used items into a different room to avoid causing any disturbances when the baby is sleeping.

Items that have sharp edges or pointed items such as pencils, paperclips, and pens pose hazards to children. Hence, move them out.

Also, remove items that resemble the purpose of the room you are converting and pack them in storage boxes and label the boxes appropriately. Reduce clutter as much as possible to prevent headaches in the future and make a calm space for your new baby.

Fill the Space with Furniture Items

The last challenge of organizing your baby’s nursery is to invest in the necessary furniture items. Position them to match with their purpose. Some examples include:

  1. Construct a station for changing with a dresser and changing table. Stock it with baby clothes, diapers, and any other essential items.
  2. Create space for soothing the baby during bedtime with a glider, crib, and a bookshelf that you can access easily and stock it with essential story time books.
  3. Dedicate one corner for use as a playtime space and conceal toys in a toy box that has a lid.

If you do this, you will have equated all the parts of the baby’s room with a specific activity and this will make the room harmonized and balanced.

Saving Space with a Sydney Storage Unit

If you are crammed with a lot of furniture and boxes despite packing most of them away, then consider moving the items into a Sydney storage facility. You can store some items easily in closets, but large items are better stored away in Sydney storage facilities where they will be safe.

Welcoming Your New Baby in Style

Welcome a new baby does not have to present challenges of space. Give yourself enough time for planning ahead. Once you have everything in place and organized, you will surely enjoy the entire process and feel more confident of welcoming your new baby into a great environment.

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