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From Your Favorite Sydney Storage Pros: 8 Ways Self Storage Can Save Your Small Business

self storage can save your Sydney business

There are times you expect to use a storage unit—if you have a large, seasonal item (we’re looking at you, boat owners) that you don’t want to keep at your home year-round, or if you’re moving and need to clear space to make the home going up for sale feel bigger and less cluttered.

But have you ever thought of using self-storage to help your small business?

The question may surprise you, but we think you’ll be surprised when you hear just how valuable storage units can be to small business owners. Have we piqued your curiosity? Let’s take a look at 8 ways renting a storage unit can benefit your Sydney business.

1. Reduce General Office Clutter

A recent study conducted by Princeton University found that clutter makes it more difficult for people to focus on specific tasks. And, according to the International Data Corporation, cluttered workspaces can cost businesses over $3.5 million annually due to lost productivity.

Renting a storage unit provides business owners a place to store all the extra items that are lying around the office but no longer needed for everyday use.

2. Allows For Bulk Purchasing

Did you know renting a storage unit can actually save you money? Having access to additional space allows you to purchase and store inventory in bulk, which usually equates to a lower price point for you.

Not only that, buying in bulk also reduces the number of times you have to order products…and pay for shipping…each year.

3. Reduces Expenses

As their business grows, many owners feel as though they’re left with “either/or” options for expansion—either stay in your current space, enjoying lower rent but suffering in tight quarters, or pay out the nose for a larger office that may be bigger than you currently need. It can feel as if there is no in between.

Storage units offer a middle-of-the-road option, with low rates for extra space that allows you to stay in your current office until you have the funds to upgrade to a larger space.

4. Offers Flexibility

Storage units are available in a variety of sizes and at different price points. This allows business owners to tailor the size of their unit according to their needs. Whether you are a lawn service needing plenty of space to store large equipment or a medical office needing the equivalent of an extra closet to store old records, storage units can provide you with exactly what you need and not a centimeter more.

5. Keeps Your Belongings Safe & Secure

According to Australian Federal Police statistics, office place theft costs Aussie businesses up to $1.5 billion each year. Although it is becoming commonplace for office items to disappear, using a storage unit can help.

Renting a storage unit allows you to keep workplace extras—pens, office supplies, or reams of paper—safely stored outside of the office and away from sticky fingers.

Additionally, a reputable storage facility has some of the best security money can buy including 24/7 closed-circuit television monitoring and on-site security staff.

6. Keeps Your Office Space Free of Rarely Used Files & Documents

All businesses are required to keep certain records at the ready—former employee files, permits, tax records, and lease agreements to name a few—in the event someone needs to see them, but they usually end up taking up much needed space in your office.

If your business is in the legal or medical fields, you likely have significantly more files to keep than a standard business owner and would likely benefit from renting a unit for your mountain of paperwork.

Renting a storage unit gives your business a place to safely store such documentation, keeping it out of the way but easily available should you need to produce papers for a given year.

7. Best for Businesses with Bulky Equipment

If you own a business that uses large, specialised equipment—say a landscaping, tree-trimming, or house painting business—you likely own a variety of equipment that is only used in certain circumstances for certain projects.

Renting a storage unit allows you to keep your equipment safely stored at a central location without taking up real estate at your office.

8. Climate Controlled Units are Perfect for Retailers

You may be thinking, “Sure, storage units are great for equipment or documents…but what about those who sell merchandise?”

It just so happens that climate-controlled storage units can solve your problem, providing the extra space you need while reducing humidity and maintaining ambient temperatures to ensure your merchandise remains in tip-top condition.

And so…

Self-storage really can be the magic solution to your business storage problems. If you are a business owner in the Sydney area and are interested in renting a quality storage unit, contact us at Holloway Storage. We’ll deliver a storage module right to your business, allowing you to pack at your convenience. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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