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5 Secrets of Safe Self Storage in Sydney

The reasons for picking self-storage can be varied. Some might need the space just because they have more stuff and a small house while some need it because they are moving to another place and want to keep the goods safe during the transition period. No matter what your reasons are, you should always ensure that you select a storage facility that can ensure the safety of your stuff.  Don’t know how to pick a safe storage facility? Here’s our guide to making the right decision.


  1. Look for Layers of Protection

When choosing a self-storage facility, you should seek a facility that has a strong gate or fence surrounding the property. It will ensure that any person who is not working there or using the services is kept out and denied entry. It will also be good if the facility has electronic key codes for entry and exit. Another layer of protection is video surveillance. It will ensure that an intruder is identified and apprehended in case of a break in.  One more layer of security can be the presence of employees 24 by 7. Even if the facility is closed at night, having a person will help to deter potential shenanigans.

  1. Environmental Protection

It is also a good idea to ensure that the facility is well guarded again harmful weather conditions like a storm, a heavy snowfall, heavy rains, floods, fire, corrosion, rust and other such disasters. All the units should be sealed and secured. It would be better if the facility provides climate controlled storage or breathable units because it will negate the risk of damage from environmental factors. If you suspect that your products are not getting ample protection from environmental factors, you should change the unit or even the service provider.

  1. Your Safety Steps

It is not wise to depend on the service provider to provide ample security. You can take things into your own hands by purchasing some locks and ensuring that your precious items are secured before sending them to the unit. Invest in a quality lock to ensure that it couldn’t be cut by wire cutters or bolt.

  1. Insurance is Vital

This should be the make or break factor. If the self-storage company you have chosen doesn’t offer insurance then you would be smart to look for another. Read more about self storage insurance facts here. If insurance is offered then too you should ask pertinent questions like how much the insurance covers and what goods are not eligible for coverage. If insurance is right, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens in the future.

  1. Maintain a Record

Before you place your items in a storage unit, be sure to list the things you have kept there and confirm it with the in-charge of the facility. You can note down the serial numbers of the electronics and even record the value of each item. This list will not only help you remember what products you stored in a facility but it will also come in handy if and when you need to claim insurance money. At Holloway Storage, we take security very seriously; rest assured knowing that your items will be safe in our self storage units.

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